Medical Translation and Editing

Medical devices and instrumentation

Endovascular therapy – catheters, intravascular balloons, stents and coils; bioprosthetic heart valves; ventricular assist devices; defibrillators; respiratory therapy equipment; inhaled nitric oxide therapy; organ care systems; diabetes monitors; laser systems for treatment of vascular lesions; radiofrequency generators; orthopedic devices; surgical equipment; advanced wound care management and products.

In vitro diagnostic devices

Immunoassay analyzers, immunoassay diagnostic kits, safety data sheets

Pharmaceutical texts

Batch records, SOPs
Detail aids, marketing research materials
Prescribing information
US Pharmacopoeia training manuals, regulations, etc.

Clinical trial materials

Informed consent forms, SAEs, case report forms, patient and investigator brochures, protocols, patient newsletters
e.g. ongoing translation of documents related to the Insulin Resistance Intervention after Stroke (IRIS) Trial [Yale University]

Patient medical reports

Patient history, progress notes, lab reports, surgical, radiological reports

Community outreach programs and patient education

Planned parenthood, early intervention programs, HIV/AIDS information, consumer rights, mental health guides, information on infectious diseases and bio-terrorism, educational materials on tuberculosis; lymphoma, myeloma, and leukemia; COPD

Translation of published medical articles

Articles on uterine disorders, burns and dermal equivalents, gene therapy, thyroid disorders, glaucoma

Types of documents

Patient and physician manuals, marketing brochures, Website material, IFUs, patient inserts, patient questionnaires, physician surveys