International development

Key areas

Reports on local development, natural resource management, microfinance operations, HIV/AIDS programs, malaria control, infectious diseases, women’s rights and gender equality, human rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights

- UNCDF evaluations (local development and microfinance operations in Asia and Africa)
- Co-translator of the UNIFEM Report for 2000
- Report on UNDP Strategy on HIV/AIDS
- UNCDF General Report: “Local Development and Decentralized Management of Natural Resources”, 2000
- UNDP report on Local Governance and Decentralization in Africa
- Texts on leadership and capacity development; HIV/AIDS in Haiti
- Family Care International reports
e.g. “Helping to Build and Preserve a Better Future for Rural Girls in French-Speaking Africa”
- USAID documents on malaria control
- Editing of material for African Health Stats Website
- Reports on mobile health programs (USAID)
- Educational materials on Ebola

Development texts related to climate change

e.g. translation of UN Executive Summary on Low-Emission Climate-Resilient Development Strategies

Other international organization projects

- Texts on the protection of endangered species
- Texts on protection of the ozone layer and compliance with the Montreal Protocol and Vienna Convention


Photo : Amy Fowler/USAID

Photo : Amy Fowler/USAID